Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Final Fifty

We’re pleased to announce the fifty final selections for Best New Poets 2010 as made by Claudia Emerson and the series editor. Here they are, with the poet’s name, poem title, and the poet’s state. All entrants will receive an e-mail with these results in the next few days.

Stephen Ackerman, “A Small Obsession” (NY)
Sheri Allen, “June Arrival, Gainesville” (OH)
Mary Angelino, “Helping My Father Write His Father's Eulogy” (AR)
Kate Angus, “Inside My Sleep” (NY)
James Arthur, “Independence” (CA)
Jeff Baker, “April Blizzard” (VA)
Teresa Breeden, “Waiting on Spring” (NV)
Steven Brown, “Penumbra” (MA)
Kai Carlson-Wee, “Thresher” (WI)
Lisa Fay Coutley, “My Lake” (UT)
Todd Dillard, “Brother Mailed His Thumb” (NY)
Sharon Fain, “Angola, 2002” (CA)
Erin Gay, “Portrait Sealed in an Apothecary Jar” (OH)
Brandi George, “Dear Beauty,” (FL)
Linda Gottlieb, “Green Knife-Sharpening Car” (MD)
Megan Grumbling, “Leaving the Room” (ME)
Graham Hillard, “What the Ground Gives” (TN)
Chloe Honum, “Spring” (MA)
Adam Houle, “The Reddish Cur” (TX)
Melissa Hull, “The Stutterer” (AL)
Luke Johnson, “Remembering the Old Testament While Walking the Dog” (WA)
Douglas Jones, “Drinking Slow, Waiting for Weather” (AZ)
Matthew Kelsey, “Frost Heave” (WA)
Tracey Knapp, “Inheritance” (CA)
Rachel Langille, “Telescope” (MI)
Rebecca Lehmann, “The Factory, An Elegy in Six Parts” (FL)
Eugenia Leigh, “Every Hair on Your Head” (CA)
Hailey Leithauser, “the Moon speaks of Polar Bears” (MD)
dawn lonsinger, “The Economist's Daughter” (UT)
Angie Macri, “A Song for Fever” (AR)
Melanie McCabe, “Paperboy” (VA)
Nathan McClain, “Landscape with Goats” (CA)
Stephen McDonald, “Stories” (CA)
Brent Newsom, “Esther Green Moves Out of the Sunset Acres Mobile Home Community” (TX)
Alison Palmer, “Vertigo” (MO)
Joanna Pearson, “After a Molar Pregnancy” (MD)
Stephanie Pippin, “Afterimage” (MO)
Iain Pollock, “Upon Irremediable Shores, Those Who Never Had Time” (PA)
Benjamin Pryor, “New Year's Resolve” (NC)
Jake Ricafrente, “The Funeralgoers” (TX)
Joshua Rivkin, “Pastoral” (CA)
Meighan Sharp, “Habitats” (VA)
J. Eric Smith, “Story Problems” (FL)
Emily Smith, “After Reading About How to Attract Martins to Gourd Houses” (NC)
Sarah Sousa, “Leaving Maine” (MA)
Eleanor Tipton, “Wheel and Shadow” (DC)
Kara van de Graaf, “Poem at the Bottom of the Allegheny River” (WI)
Sarah Wangler, “A Bawl-Ass Remembers Her Childhood” (OK)
Matthew Williams, “Eulogy for the Method” (NY)
Monika Zobel, “On the Corner of Guilt and Ash” (CA)

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Open Status

One thing I forgot in the last post: Everyone will still see their manuscripts in an "open" status on the system until we announce the 50 picks for the anthology. As stated on our FAQs page, we don't release who's in 180 poems going to the guest editor and who is not--just the final 50.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Getting Closer

I'm a little behind schedule at Best New Poets this summer. Must be the heat -- and it's supposed to be 102 today. The weather people forecast a bone-chilling 89 on Monday.

This year at BNP, we had nearly 1500 entries, with one to two poems in each entry. A pool of six readers narrowed this pool down to 180 finalist poems, which we've sent along to our guest editor, Claudia Emerson. She picks the final 50.

We expect results sometime in mid- to late-August. I had hoped to be much further along than I am, and I apologize to those of you who are eagerly awaiting a final e-mail. Remember, like at many literary magazines, you can simultaneously submit to BNP and elsewhere. We don't expect you to put your lives on hold for us.

Stand by to stand by, but we're getting toward done.

--Series Editor

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Getting There

Sorry for the lack of blog postings. As of 6/29, we've read just over 1,000 of the submissions and have about 500 to go.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Our open competition on ManuscriptHub.com is taking submissions, but we're still collecting nominations from magazines and writing programs through April 10. We'll be e-mailing those nominated poets soon with directions on how to upload their work.

We like to joke that we're one of the few books where becoming ineligible means good news (since one of our criteria is that our poets do not yet have a book in print).
So, here's a quick list of new books from our now-ineligible alumni:
Alex Grant (BNP ’07) Fear of Moving Water

Martha Greenwald’s (BNP ’08) Other Prohibited Items

and Laura Newbern (BNP ’07) is the winner of this year's 2010 Kore Press First Book Award for her book Love and the Eye. See the Kore Website for details.
Don't think BNP is taking any credit here. We were just lucky enough to grab a poem along the way ...

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

2010 Submissions

We're about to open up submissions for Best New Poets 2010. Magazines and writing programs are making their final nominations right now, and our open competition starts on manuscripthub.com April 5 and runs through May 20. Our eligibility rules remain pretty much the same as last year (a few new restrictions). See our eligibility page for full details.

This year's guest editor is Claudia Emerson.