Sunday, July 25, 2010

Open Status

One thing I forgot in the last post: Everyone will still see their manuscripts in an "open" status on the system until we announce the 50 picks for the anthology. As stated on our FAQs page, we don't release who's in 180 poems going to the guest editor and who is not--just the final 50.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Getting Closer

I'm a little behind schedule at Best New Poets this summer. Must be the heat -- and it's supposed to be 102 today. The weather people forecast a bone-chilling 89 on Monday.

This year at BNP, we had nearly 1500 entries, with one to two poems in each entry. A pool of six readers narrowed this pool down to 180 finalist poems, which we've sent along to our guest editor, Claudia Emerson. She picks the final 50.

We expect results sometime in mid- to late-August. I had hoped to be much further along than I am, and I apologize to those of you who are eagerly awaiting a final e-mail. Remember, like at many literary magazines, you can simultaneously submit to BNP and elsewhere. We don't expect you to put your lives on hold for us.

Stand by to stand by, but we're getting toward done.

--Series Editor