Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Our open competition on is taking submissions, but we're still collecting nominations from magazines and writing programs through April 10. We'll be e-mailing those nominated poets soon with directions on how to upload their work.

We like to joke that we're one of the few books where becoming ineligible means good news (since one of our criteria is that our poets do not yet have a book in print).
So, here's a quick list of new books from our now-ineligible alumni:
Alex Grant (BNP ’07) Fear of Moving Water

Martha Greenwald’s (BNP ’08) Other Prohibited Items

and Laura Newbern (BNP ’07) is the winner of this year's 2010 Kore Press First Book Award for her book Love and the Eye. See the Kore Website for details.
Don't think BNP is taking any credit here. We were just lucky enough to grab a poem along the way ...